Greg Leisz on Michael Grimm's CD

(Note: the photogenic Earnest Bovine sat in for Greg on the video)

We get used to seeing Greg Leisz' name on a lot of records these days, so it's no real surprise that producer Don Was tapped him for "America’s Got Talent" winner Michael Grimm’s new album. Taste and tone are the essential ingredients for modern pedal steel tracks, and Greg's sound has plenty of both. While there's not a lot of pedal steel and dobro on Grimm's CD, what's there is just perfect. The hit single Fallin' is a good example:

This is a great vocal album (and it's "news"), but I'm actually more of an instrumental music fan. Greg has recorded a lot of wonderful instrumental music with guitarist Bill Frisell, who gives him considerably more musical freedom. That's what I recommend to steel fans who want to hear more of Greg Leisz:

Feeling better now?


  1. That's Doug Livingston playing steel in the Grimm vid and picture.

  2. Arrgh! You're right! But I'm pretty sure it's Greg that you hear (they faked the video).


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