Doug Jernigan in the News

Doug Jernigan has been coming on string these last few months. His classic style on the new Jake Hooker CD is earning rave reviews from traditional pedal steel fans. Doug played his 1972 Emmons fatback through a Fender Twin Reverb to get a real vintage sound for the project. The album, titled One Man World, was produced by Jim Loessberg and Jake Hooker at Hilltop Studios in Madison, Tennessee. You can order the CD direct from the label at

Doug has also been averaging one steel guitar show a month this year, including Texas in March, Illinois in April, Alabama in May and Indiana just last weekend. Dave A. Burley attended the Indiana show, and had this to say on the Steel Guitar Forum:
I just got back from a steel guitar show in Greenwood, Indiana. Lot's of steel players which included Dewitt (Scotty) Scott and Doug Jernigang. Scotty was very good on his fry-pan playing Jerry Byrd tunes. Doug Jernigan absolutely set the place on fire. Standing ovation for Doug. I'm sure many of the steelers in attendance, including me, headed for home to destroy their steels. Good six hour show ending with the Jernigan man. Doug seems to have gotten better with age. I remember Doug from 35 years ago and his touch, although very good back then, has really improved. When you see Doug you immediatly discover why he is considered at the top.
To learn more about Doug Jernigan and buy his instrumental CDs and courses, visit his web site

Let's finish up with a bit of that Steel Guitar Rag:

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