Eric Heywood featured on Jeffrey Foucault CD

I especially love the sound of the pedal steel when it's surrounded by acoustic instruments. So does singer/songwriter Jeffrey Foucault, apparently. His latest CD, Horse Latitudes, is almost a duet with steel guitarist Eric Heywood. Listen to Eric's solo and outro on the title track:

Jeffrey Foucault - Horse Latitudes

Do you hear the Neil Young / Ben Keith influence there? They call this style of music Americana - a blend of folk, rock and country that has been attracting more and more good musicians in recent years. There's a good interview with Eric in No Depression magazine, reprinted on, where he talks about his connection to various Americana acts.

Back to point, Jeffrey Foucault's Horse Latitudes is available now on the Signature Sounds record label, available wherever vocal music is sold. Now if we could just get Eric Heywood to do an instrumental album. <wink>

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