Spotlight on Big B

I had the pleasure of subbing for David Phillips last weekend with Big B and his Snake Oil Saviors. What a great band! Bandleader Ben “Big B” Buettner fronts the band on guitar and vocals, and Jennifer Jolly's rolling boogie-woogie piano style is something that you don't hear enough of these days.

David plays a 10-string lap steel with this band to maintain the vintage flavor of the music. You can hear David's hot licks on their CD. I don't have that much confidence in my non-pedal chops, so I used my 8-string Desert Rose pedal steel. The gig was at a dance school (Monroe Hall in Santa Rosa), and the crowd had just finished a jitterbug lesson. What a perfect setup for this music!

Big B plays in the San Francisco Bay area - they don't often get this far north. A big thanks to David Phillips for plugging me into this gig. It was a pleasurable and unique experience.

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  1. Thank you, Mr.Bobby Lee! You made my mates very happy
    Sorry that I could not be there just to hear you.


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