Lloyd Green on new Tom T. Hall project

Friends of Tom T. Hall have re-recorded his children's album, "Songs of Fox Hollow". The sessions at Hall's Fox Hollow recording studio included the legendary Lloyd Green on steel guitar. From what I can hear on the YouTube promo clip (below), Lloyd is in top form. Here's what Lloyd had to say about the sessions:
We recorded the Tom T. Hall project last summer at his recording studio on his elegant estate Fox Hollow with 12 different singers, one for each of the songs from his 1960s children's album.

It was a most interesting and enjoyable experience for me and I think for everyone involved. We had two separate film crews for the entire week and many other people I didn't know, plus each of the singers shuffling in and out. The food was made and catered by Tom T. and his wife Dixie each day with their personal chef. It was outstanding, and this is from a guy who has fresh fruit and vegetables every day. I know good food!

For me, perhaps the highlight is "Sneaky Snake" featuring Duane Eddy and me, but really focused on Eddy who played his iconic sound and created lines that are quite original. The singer was Buddy Miller and this one makes me wish I had worked more in the past with Duane and certainly Buddy Miller.

Patty Griffin sings "I Love" the eponymous album title and we had many more; Bobby Bare, Tommy Cash, Jim Lauderdale and on and on.

On May 25th at the Country Music Hall of Fame Ford Theater we will showcase the album in its entirety to coincide with Tom T.s 75th birthday. He also wrote and sang with Fayssoux Starling McLean a new song for the album, "I Made A Friend Today".

The album will be released simultaneously on two labels; Red Beet and CMF(Country Music Foundation's label). There will be major news media coverage of the event and album. There is far more to relate but I feel this is all I should say at the moment.

It was one of the most wonderful and memorable weeks of recording for me since I returned to sessions 9 years ago.

By the way, steel guitar is woven throughout each song except the final one which had Tom T. singing.

Best regards,
Lloyd Green

The CD, entitled "I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow", will be released on May 23. You can pre-order it at the Red Beet Records web site.

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